This is a brilliant book; the reader will never look a religion and politics the same.


Growing up in a communist-ruled Eastern European country in the 1940s, her first-hand observations of the blatant corruption by the party's leaders revealed to Ella that religious, political and judicial systems are society inherently flawed. Searching for reasons for existence herself, Ella became captivated by discoveries of the known universe and soon began drawing bridges in scripture across the void of the known and unknown. Ella is driven to learn, and she invites you to do the same; expand upon her ideas and discover new ones. Staunch in the belief that we must not always “graze the same grass of knowledge and faith” to evolve and learn, Ella welcomes conversation on her essay and its topics on the contact page, or on social media.


How did religions appear? How are they entwined with politics at the local and national levels? Who truly holds the balance of power in society?

Ella Prvi's Story